November 5, 2011

In need of grace

Lord, I need your grace to be here in this moment, not knowing what this day holds and being open to whatever you might choose in your sovereignty to bring me through.  I rejoice in knowing that you have made me your child and have placed your hands upon me[1] to lead me through dark valleys[2] and to set my feet high upon a rock[3].  Nothing can ever separate me from your love[4], O Lord, so I lift my eyes to you[5] today and rest in your powerful hands[6].  Give me eyes to see with greater clarity the joy that was set before you to endure the cross[7] that I may learn to endure suffering[8] and count it all joy[9].  Teach me perseverance in the face of adversity[10].  Help me to embrace my pain and give thanks[11] for unending peace[12] and eternal reward[13].  Train my fingers for warfare[14] even as I write these words and recall your truths[15].  Strengthen my heart, I pray, as I wait upon you[16] so that I will have the strength to love others and not spend all of my energy focused on myself and my circumstances.  Your presence and your love are enough for me.  Sustain me with Grace who gave His life for me, hope for the long journey, and faith to persist with fear and trembling[17] in the midst of my weakness. 

Take heart, dear one, He has overcome the world[18]!

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