January 18, 2012

In the Valley

Don't be too quick to run up to the mountain.  Stay in the valley and sit by the waters.  Drink from the living water that flows in the low places and swishes amid the rocks and crags. Cup your hands and take big gulps.  Let it refresh you.

Don't rush or wish away this time.  Abide in the river.  Let it wash you clean.  Bask in the coolness of the waters and let them flow over you.  Be baptized in my grace!  Grace abounding and all-sufficient.

Vision is found in the valley[1].  In quietness and rest is your strength[2].  Don't be quick to escape.  This is your resting place: in the crook of my arm, in the warmth of my chest.  

I sing beneath the shadow of your wings[3] and it echoes through the canyon.  Deep calls to deep[4].  Whispers reverberate across the great expanse, and he calls my name.  Speak, Lord, your servant is listening[5]... 

[1] Ezekiel 8:4
[2] Isaiah 30:15
[3] Psalm 63:7
[4] Psalm 42:7
[5] I Samuel 3:10

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