November 5, 2013

12 Things God Might be Telling Me that I Don't Want to Hear Right Now

In the same spirit as "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young, I sat down last night and started praying.  As he sometimes does, the Lord quieted my heart so that I could listen to what he is saying to me through my struggles.  I share my most personal thoughts/prayers uncensored in hopes that you might resonate with them as well and the Lord would use them to speak to your own heart.

1.  The process is more important that what you produce.  You will learn in the struggle, not through your successes.

2.  Patience is learned.  Waiting is a high virture.  Expectation is greater still.  Wait on the Lord.

3.  You will never be satisfied in your life's circumstances.  Life is like riding a wave of crests and dips.  You will find true peace when you trust in me alone.

4.  Let my word be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.  It is the only truth you have at your fingertips.  Everything else is tainted by trends and opinions.  Don't neglect my Word, but let it be life to you.

5.  I am your Source.  I am your True North.  Keep your eyes fixed on me and I will guide you.  You will stumble if you look ahead too far or behind you.  Keep your eyes looking up to heaven.

6.  Your one calling is to be my disciple---no more and no less!  Leave the where, when, and how to me.

7.  Your joy and peace will be what attracts others to me through you, not your polish, your talent, your charm or charisma.  Be brave enough to be humble.  Pride is a mask for the fear of man.

8.  Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve.  You are, afterall, only human and though some people may try to take advantage of your vulnerability many of others will see
an opportunity to open up to you in return.

9.  Disappointment is a fact of life.  The quicker you learn to let go of your expectations and embrace my plans for you, the sooner you will find contentment.

10.  Don't allow your hopes to cloud reality, nor reality to destroy your true hope.

11.  Stop judging others.  You are a walking contradiction.  Your words and desire to obtey will never perfectly match your thoughts and actions.  Don't underestimate your need to give and receive my grace.

12.  Do you really love my people, or just the thought of helping them?  They will know you are a Christian by your love for others.

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